Monday, May 29, 2006

Discover Easy BBQ

Join Juancho on his backyard BBQ adventures and discover a safe, sure and easy way to barbecue with optimum results - It's relaxing, it's fun, and it's absolutely delicious!!!

I had been grilling meat for about twenty-five years on a Hibachi Grill and I dare say that most of the time it was fun and the results were quite good. Especially my honey glazed oriental ribs were a constant hit.

However, I also recall that in the process I must have blackened tons of meat, while I never even dared to grill chicken. I simply could't manage to get the inside of a chicken leg properly well done without turning the outsides into a charred mummy that nobody would touch with a ten foot pole.

Then, in June 2004, I decided that for Father's Day I should buy myself one of these Weber kettle grills. With hindsight, this probably was the most important decision of my life (guys, of course my wife disagrees, but you'll understand ;-)

In June 2004 I discovered easy barbecue.

Easy BBQ goes like this, roughly: You buy a bunch of chicken legs, or a whole chicken, or a turkey, a pork shoulder, a whole leg of lamb, or something like that. You stick it in a marinade or rub it with a mix of dry herbs and spices. Fire the Weber, add some wood chips to generate smoke, stick in this chunck of meat on the grill and close the lid. Then you let the smoke do its thing.

While that Weber is smoking: relax, have a drink, get sunburned, shake a cocktail, prepare the salad, set the table, more drinks, whatever.

I just love that whisp of fragrant blue smoke coming out of my Weber, can watch it for hours. It's very relaxing, probably better than psycho-therapy. Invite some friends, get into it together, and share an experience that everybody will remember for years to come.

And then (after all this hard relaxing, meditation, socializing, goofing and gossiping...) the reward:
It's dinner time!

Try the taste of true BBQ chicken, lamb or pork. This smokey taste can bring back memories of things or times that you had almost forgotten, or had forgotten completely, or maybe even images from a previous life, who knows...

Pure magic ... Hokey Smokey!

My friends enjoy it a lot too. And it is contageous. Three of them have bought their own Webers now. We are exchanging ideas and recipes. It's great fun, really satisfying.

Keep smokin' - More to come...

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